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 ZachXBT, an account that tracks money transfer transactions on the pseudonymous blockchain, noted that assets linked to the $100 million attack on the Harmony network last year were moved to a different location over the weekend. ZachXBT, in his post on Twitter, stated that North Korean Lazarus Group was busy at the weekend, and that 41 thousand ether worth approximately $ 63.5 million from the Harmony bridge attack were invested in three different exchanges. More than 350 addresses linked to hackers were also listed by ZachXBT. Blockchain research firm Elliptic claims that The Lazarus Group, which is thought to be backed by the regime of North Korean leader Kim Jung Un, was behind the Harmony Bridge hack. The Harmony Bridge allows crypto assets to be traded between the Harmony blockchain and other blockchains. In the attack on June 24, $100 million worth of ether, tether (USDT) and wrapped Bitcoin were stolen. Lazarus Group is thought to be behind the Ronin Bridge hack, which is desc